The artistic community is divided among itself about Yusef Al-Sharif because of “Bosn and hugs”.


A great controversy was raised in the last hours following the artist’s statements Yousef al-Sharif On his conditions for accepting an artistic work, most notably the work being free from any hot scenes, or as it is said, “Boss and embrace.” The technical milieu was divided between two teams between supporters and opponents of these statements. The first sees that this is a personal freedom that everyone should respect and conform to the Egyptian society and its traditions, and the second sees that this is an insertion of religion In art and contrary to its origins, and we review those views in the following lines.

Artist Aiten Amer said that she did not feel the annoyance of “Interview” Youssef El-Sharif, noting that she did not understand the commotion about the meeting, saying, In a tweet through her official account on Twitter: “Frankly, you are completely uncomfortable with Interview Youssef El-Sharif, and frankly, you do not understand the whole shower. Why are you free unless you harm, but you do not think that it is harmful to his beliefs or convictions? Young, uncle.”


The star Karim Fahmy and the artist Mohamed Anwar were keen to support the star Youssef Al Sharif after some criticized him after his recent statements, and the artist Karim Fahmy published a picture of Youssef Sharif and commented on it saying: “The man I love and respect in general is sincere, diligent, free in his opinion and respected.”

While the artist Mohamed Anwar Post wrote a lengthy accompanied with the image of the artist Youssef El Sharif, in which he said: “Eh, all the rubbish and empty talk that happened because of this man, he said that he has a certain principle that he is against hot scenes or embrace, and the word and this is because he simply fears our Lord and does not want to make him angry. And he works in principle with his gossip more than ten years and he succeeded with him and may God protect him from the expansion of the violin, and he is not against those who do the opposite and he does not see himself more respectful than anyone. “

Muhammad Anwar added: “Suddenly, all people saw him as a reactionary, backward, and not an artist. All of this was because the topic of the man was presented with respect, and he said that there are many actors like him, they do not like to do this or regret at all the works they did at the beginning and then they saw that he never used to work again. Then, Anwar stressed that he fully agreed with everything mentioned by the artist Youssef El Sharif, stressing that he believes in everything he said.

For her part, the artist, Nahid El Sebaei, commented on the controversy raised about the statements of the artist Youssef El Sharif, saying: “I am defending him because I am defending the freedom of people in general in their opinions as long as they do not contradict my freedom.”“.

Al-Sebaei continued, in media statements: “People defend the freedoms of many times, do you listen to Joseph, do not accept his freedom? We must respect freedom of choice, people defending sexual freedom and belief, why criticize someone who has different convictions with me“.

Al-Sibai continued, the parties are free, I am free in my opinion, and he is free in his opinion, we must accept some, Youssef is a very great artist and achieved great success and his viewership levels are very large in the series The End, these conditions are in work that he does not want to work with.

And the artist, Hisham Majed, supported his colleague, the star Youssef El Sharif, after the wave of attack he was exposed to after his recent statements, stressing that he is a sophisticated and respected artist who makes a great effort in his work and respects his fans..


Majid wrote, on his official page on Facebook: “In some people, whether they are technicians, journalists or ordinary people, they took advantage of the words that they said Yusuf al-Sharif in his program with Ramy Radwan, and they started attacking him and published the needs of old films that he worked to prove that he was working the needs This is normal, and it means virtue..

Majed continued: “All respect for Youssef El-Sharif … a sophisticated and respectful artist who tired of his work and respects his audience, and all respect to any extent consistent or different with his words, but with respect, and everyone has freedom in his ideas as long as he respects those around him and does not harm anyone, you do not like his words, you can not be satisfied with His works, or appreciated, are aspired, interrupted and mutilated, on the pretext that you are the lawyer who defends the right to art and freedom of creativity. It remains an imperfect person, but so, two words that were sad for me, so kindly receive me with it. “

While here Zahed via special short stories in her account on Instagram A picture of Youssef El-Sharif and I wrote: “Who are the most respected people I worked with?”

And the poet Amir Amir supported the artist Youssef Al Sharif after the attack on him because of his recent statements, and Amir said on Twitter: “With the freedom of opinion and who always defends all who anger our Lord, they attack the man who wants to please our Lord in his work and refuse to provide anything that offends modesty in his works .. and originally He didn’t impose his opinion on others, he just chose a comfortable and successful path for him. “

In the other camp The director Magdy Ahmed Ali, who criticized Youssef El-Sharif’s statements, said: “I couldn’t speak on the subject, but I was provoked by talking about freedom of opinion and expression… an expression, uh, you are an actor… part of an artistic work that has rules and foundations, the most important of which is that the acting is not a reality but rather a case of influencing scenes “.


He added in his speech: “This is how the speech remained. The words of the sheikhs who said that the cinematic passport is permissible according to Islamic law. After that, you are an actor subject to the conditions of the artwork. The original work … What does all this have to do with freedom of opinion. “

He asked at the end of his speech: “Should a self-respecting director replace a scene of a father embracing his absent daughter … because the father (the actor) decided that his daughter (the actress) is not his daughter in reality, or that this is his opinion of the art … What is this nonsense .. I I don’t believe it, I’m discussing it.

Producer Mohamed Al-Adl also expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements of the star Youssef Al-Sharif, about the filming of scenes in the cinema, where he wrote through his account on Facebook: “We have finished the application of clean cinema … and we have started to implement the non-contact phase.”


While critic Tariq Al-Shennawi said that Youssef Al-Sharif every year used to download a post which means, “Do not look at my series and the spirit of praying, if you see that you are doing something against prayer, you don’t want to do it, and if your artistic work is against prayer, you don’t work.”

He continued, “My view is that he shrouded a performance of an actor who lacked a lot … so that when he made a movie, he did not succeed.”

The artist Youssef Al-Sharif had said during the evening program dmc “Ten years ago I put these restrictions in my work and stipulated non-contact. Initially, the agreement was verbal, but that subjected me to some objections during filming, which prompted me to make this agreement written in the work contract, and I took this principle after the movie (it is chaos), And I remember that one of the great directors had shown on a movie and after reading it, I objected to the hot scenes in the movie, so the director and one of the critics responded (and this work did not work), and I actually thought about retiring, but the generosity of God was able to present many works with this principle.


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