The Aswan Felonies Examines the Case of the Student Accused of Harassment in Maida in “Aswan Education”


Hamada Baigq:

Posted on: Saturday, 25 July 2020 – 2:48 AM | Last update: Saturday, July 25, 2020 – 2:48 am

A press conference by the Physical Education Doctor aims to reconcile for the future of the student

Today, Saturday, the Aswan Criminal Court is hearing a case of accusing a student of molesting a doctor of physical education after completing the examination for the first day semester of the Faculty of Education at Aswan University in January.

And Dr. Khuloud was an assistant professor at the College of Education, went to the Public Prosecution and edited a report against the student “Mahmoud – A”, which included directing him to charge with harassment after the end of the exam, where the student was arrested and presented to the Public Prosecution and continued his imprisonment during that period until the case was referred to me Felonies.

Dr. Khouloud held a press conference in one of Aswan’s hotels, in the presence of her family, MP Mohamed Selim and the President of the Union of the Faculty of Education at Aswan University, in the context of the discussion to reach a solution to end the crisis of the student’s continued imprisonment on the issue of harassment, especially after the doctor’s family expressed the desire for reconciliation.

Dr. Kholoud said that if I found any action by the university towards the student after the occurrence of the harassment, I would have sufficed with that without reaching the incident outside the walls of the university, but I found all directions demanding me to take legal measures.

Ahmed Khaled, head of the Students’ Union of the College of Physical Education, added, “I consider that the college administration is the first responsible for the aggravation of this issue, due to the inability to contain it from the beginning.”

MP Mohamed Selim said that he had made a great effort to end this crisis by traveling 3 times to Alexandria Governorate, with the aim of bringing the views closer and convincing the doctor’s family to reconcile in order to preserve the student’s future, explaining that I will stand by the student until he comes out of that crisis and returns to his college.

It is worth noting on 1-1-2020, after the end of the first day of the first term examination in the College of Education, Dr. Khouloud, an assistant professor at the College of Education, directed the student Mahmoud, p. “The student in the college is charged with harassment.

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