The autopsy of “Covid-19” patients showed strange changes in the body


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Pathologists have performed several autopsies that have shown unusual changes in the hearts of patients with COFED-19 disease caused by the Corona virus.

According to scientists, the cells died separately in some parts of the heart muscle, which surprised the specialists greatly.

Experts from the University Medical Center in New Orleans examined the members of 22 people who died from complications from “Covid-19”. Most of the deceased were of African descent, between the ages of 44 and 79 years. Some of them also suffered from high blood pressure, obesity and a disease Type 2 diabetes During their life.

According to the chair of the science group, Richard Vander Heidi, The study was able to determine many of the changes that cast doubt on the idea of ​​myocarditis if the patient’s condition was critical.

Experts have no idea about the mechanism of heart damage, but they do have many hypothetical theories that require further study.

Compared with the previous SARS virus, scientists have found no traces of the new Corona virus in heart cells. No blood clots occurred in the deceased.

While the virus is found in some cells of the mucous membrane of the veins and capillaries. Heidi indicated that patients may have damage to the cytokine membranes (protein, polypeptide, or glycoprotein used for signal transfer and intercellular communication).

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