The British Space Agency funds the transfer of corona virus tests by drone


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the experts found that their technology reduces the time it takes to get groups between Oban and Isle of Mull from about 45 minutes by ferry to just 15 minutes by plane.

The funding arrangement is part of a broader £ 2.6 million scheme from the UK and European space agencies designed to find ways to help space technology companies support NHS health services in their fight against COVID-19.

Skyports will also use drones to deliver other medical supplies and samples from a hospital in Argyll and Butte mainland to the islands.

UAVs use mobile communication, satellite communications, navigation and Earth observation data to chart a route to other areas of the mainland and across the sea to nearby islands to access needed medical practices.

Skyports along with two other initiatives were also given a £ 1.1m stake in financing, while the remainder is open for bidding until the end of September.

Companies have progressed quickly, “said Nick Appeliard, of the European Space Agency Center for Space Applications and Communications, based in Oxfordshire, adding:” A lot of people have been deeply affected by the Corona virus pandemic in the UK and around the world. “

Science Minister Amanda Soloway said the UK now has a world-leading astronaut sector and is advancing to develop innovative solutions to support the NHS.

“The projects we support today show the UK’s ingenuity at its best, and it will make a real difference in how we use the latest innovative technologies to deliver critical healthcare now and in the future,” said Soloway.

Space is already playing an important role in health care, with the British Space Agency last year providing 5 million pounds of new health technologies inspired by working in space to support NHS services in England.


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