The cause of the Natanz nuclear accident was identified


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council announced that a cause has been identified The accident at the Natanz nuclear site, Adding that it will be announced soon.

The semi-official “Tasnim” news agency quoted a spokesman for the largest security agency in Iran, Kiwan Khosravi, as saying: “The investigations led by the agencies concerned have been accurately identified.” The cause of the accident … at the Natanz nuclear complex“.

He added: “For security reasons, a cause and manner will be announced The accident occurred right on time”.

For his part, Civil Defense Chief Ghulam Reza Jalali told state television Thursday evening, “The response to cyber attacks is part of the country’s defense force. If it is proven that our country was targeted by an electronic attack, we will respond.”

An article published on Thursday by the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency also dealt with what it described as “the possibility of sabotage by enemies such as Israel and the United States,” even though it did not amount to directly accusing either of them.

Iranian officials had said yesterday that a fire broke out at the Natanz nuclear facility, but the operations were not affected, while a former official indicated that the accident might be a sabotage attempt to obstruct the work that violates the international nuclear agreement.

The Natanz fuel enrichment facility is one of several Iranian facilities that are subject to inspection by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency.

On Thursday, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said that an “accident” had occurred at the facility in the central province of Isfahan.

“One of the structures on the ground was damaged and it was out of work and under construction. It did not contain radioactive materials and had no personnel,” Behrouz Kamalundi, a spokesman for the organization, told state television.

He added: “There was no disruption in the work of the underground enrichment site, and the site was not damaged.”

The organization later released a photo showing a single-storey brick building and the effects of the fire on its roof and walls.

A team of IAEA experts is investigating the cause of the accident. Some experts did not rule out the possibility of sabotage due to the importance of the Natanz site.

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