The cheapest car in Egypt at 18,000 pounds .. Learn the truth


She managed The Car Aura Electrical for the spread on social networking sites, especially on Facebook and chanting that its price also reached 18 thousand pounds as the price of the car.
In this report we publish the most important 7 points on the reality of the car and its price:

This car runs on a 35 kW electric motor, equivalent to 47 mechanical horsepower

The car can be charged with a regular charger intended for it from your home’s electricity from zero to 100% in about 7 hours and it has another port for the fast charger and it covers a distance of 351 kilos per charge

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The car features a length of 3500 mm, a width of 1660 mm, a height of 1530 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,400 mm

The maximum speed of this car is 107 km / h when placed on the economy or low battery consumption

There are rumors that the car is priced at 18 thousand Egyptian pounds, but the real price is 8600 dollars, equivalent to 137 thousand Egyptian pounds.


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