The Church warns against promoting “false books of the Bible” and demands an end to it


2:00 AM

Saturday 11 July 2020

The Coptic Orthodox Church has warned of unknown groups heading to Christians, trying to provide them for free forged books of the Holy Gospel, and urges them to accept them.

And the church announced in a statement on Friday, its complete rejection of the contents of these books and other corrupt books that try to attract the reader by inserting the phrase “the gospel of Christ” in its titles.

She praised the statement made by the Bible House in Egypt, as it is the only body responsible for printing and distributing the Bible through churches, in addition to the library’s libraries.

The Coptic Church affirmed its total rejection of these books, the content of which is completely incompatible with the basics of the Christian faith.

It called on a church to the concerned authorities to stand firmly against those behind these fabricated and false versions that tamper with societal peace from tampering with the texts of the Holy Books.

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