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American actress and songwriter Jada Pinkett Smith revealed the truth of her relationship with rapper, Auguste Elsina. Jada and her husband, the famous actor, Will Smith, appeared on her Facebook program, Talk of the Red Table, to fulfill a pledge she made to her fans in the wake of Auguste Elsinas comments a few days ago.

The young rapper had sparked controversy in Hollywood after he stated in a television interview that he had an emotional relationship with Jada Smith with the approval of her husband Will Smith and his “blessing,” which raised questions about whether the Smith couple lived in an “open relationship” not subject to traditional marriage accounts. .

On her show, Jada admitted to her husband Will that she had an affair with Elsina, during their separation period. Jada Lowell justified the relationship with Elsina during that period, saying she “was feeling a lot of pain and refraction.”

The duo Smith, who have been married since 1997 and have two children, explained that they have overcome the separation crisis and have reached a level of “unconditional love”.

She commented seriously about what Elsina said, in his talk to Al-Sabah Club, about Will’s blessing, because of the latter’s relationship with her by saying that “the only person who has the right to grant blessing or permission in such circumstances is me.”

She added: “I think I understand Auguste received the order as permission and blessing because I separated from Will in an amicable way, and I think he did not want to look like (ruined homes) … and in fact he is not.”

When Will asked her what she was looking for in her relationship with Elsina, four and a half years ago, she replied by saying that she “just wanted to be satisfied.”

Jada explained that she had not spoken to Elsina for years. Toward the end of the meeting, Will, who seemed to be very touched, told his wife that he would “take her back”, and she said, “You have already prepared me.”

The couple ended the revelation session with the phrase quoted from a Will Smith movie: “We ride together … we die together … a bad marriage for life.”

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