The death of a teacher in Dakahlia .. He got married to her and stripped him of his clothes and tortured him to death


Minyat Al-Nasr Central Hospital received a pension teacher as a result of his injury and torture by his wife with the help of her mother and brother, who suffers from multiple injuries, and died in intensive care.

Major General Raafat Abdel-Ba’ath, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received notification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of Criminal Investigation stating that Monia al-Nasr Central Hospital was receiving “Al-Marsa A.” 63 years old, an expert on pension, resident in the village of Mit Al-Khouli, a believer in the Center’s district, suffering from multiple injuries and died from intensive care as a result of He was injured and tortured.Immediately, the center’s investigation officers moved to the place of the communication, and upon examination it was found that the victim had internal brain hemorrhages, blood clots in the scalp, and movement in the lower limbs was stopped as a result of a severe head injury to the head.

When asked by the queen of Kamal al-Sayyid, the mother of the victim and his sister, Naima, they accused Mona, 55, of the victim’s wife, an administrator at the Hamdi al-Sayyid Preparatory School, and her brother, Jamal, 48, a auto parts dealer, of beating him to death. .

The victim’s sister confirmed in the police report that his wife was always beaten, abandoned recently, and resided in a separate apartment in his house, and decided to marry another to help him with house affairs, and after finding my brother injured and in critical condition, he told us before His death, that the one who assaulted him is his wife and brother.

Investigators of the Minya Al-Nasr Center were able to arrest the wife and her brother, and the necessary minutes were released, to be presented to the Public Prosecution, which decided to imprison them.

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