The disappearance of a super bright super star without a trauma baffles scientists .. Know the details


Astronomers watched a huge star two and a half times brighter than our sun, and it falls in the Kinman dwarf galaxy, as long as they spotted it for a decade, but when they tried to observe it again in 2019, they did not find it, and this is an exceptional case, according to the website Gizmodo..

Astronomers from Trinity College Dublin have made several hypotheses to explain this phenomenon, and the team mentioned two possibilities in their research published in the magazine of Menthali Notices of the Royal Astronautical Society, the first of which is that the brightness of the star has diminished a lot or that a cloud of dust blocked it from seeing.

As for the second possibility, it appears more mysterious, as it is more likely that the star died and turned into a black hole without exploding in a supernova, and if the second possibility is correct, it means that it is the second star that does not turn into a supernova when it dies we discover it until now..

Regardless of what really happened, both possibilities are consistent with previous observations and computerized models, and Gizmodo believes that scientists have wasted the opportunity to update their models from the star, but they still have an opportunity to investigate the occurrence of a star’s disappearance from existence..

“We were surprised when our devices did not find evidence of the star in the first observations, as we initially assumed that our high-resolution observations would be similar to previous observations, and we wanted to include them in our models,” lead researcher Andrew Alan told Gizmodo.


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