The economic crisis reaches the Lebanese army … no meat anymore


Source: Beirut – France Press

Center Economic and living crisis Stifling the country, the suffering of the Lebanese increases day after day. The Lebanese army leadership decided to stop using meat in the meals that are provided to the military while they are on the job, due to an unprecedented increase in their price.

The National Media Agency also stated that “due to the difficult living conditions in Lebanon, the military establishment, which suffers from the same difficult economic conditions, abolished meat entirely from the meals provided to the military while they were in service.”

Mad spike

In the midst of an accelerating economic meltdown that is the worst in Lebanon in decades, the prices of commodities and food in general, and meat in particular, have witnessed an unprecedented rise that has made a wide segment of the Lebanese people unable to use in their daily meals.

To that, the price of a kilogram of lamb today is eighty thousand pounds, after it was about two thousand thirty thousand months ago. The price of a kilogram of beef rose from 18 thousand to more than fifty thousand pounds.

Food prices recorded a crazy rise of more than 72% from autumn to the end of May, according to the non-governmental Consumer Protection Association. The ratio is likely to have increased this month due to an additional deterioration in the value of the lira.

It is reported that Lebanon depends to a large extent on the provision of livestock. However, the import movement was affected by the scarcity of the dollar and the deterioration of the value of the Lebanese pound.

Waving to close

The Union of Butchers and Cattle Traders Union announced in a statement after an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday: “More than 60% of the meat stores are closed due to the rocket rise in the dollar.”

She also addressed the officials by saying: “Either release our money in the banks or support the meat sector like the rest of the subsidized sectors, otherwise we only have one option, which is the general closure.”

And the Lebanese banks stopped months ago from providing depositors with dollars from their accounts, at a time when the exchange rate of the dollar on the black market on Tuesday crossed the threshold of eight thousand pounds.

No jobs

In addition, the official price is still fixed at 1507 pounds. The authorities support only three sectors to facilitate their import, namely medicine, fuel and wheat.

In addition to the dollar crisis, demand for meat decreased, with tens of thousands of Lebanese losing their jobs or part of their salaries during the past few months.

The repercussions of the collapse did not exclude any social group, while almost half of the Lebanese are under the poverty line and 35% of them suffer from unemployment.

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