The escalation of the crisis of the “Gospel of Christ” .. and “Al-Masry Al-Youm” are unique to the images of the covers of the four books


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The crisis of the four Coptic books dealing with a mystical explanation of a group of orientalists from Tunisia and Morocco for the Gospel of Christ escalated.

Four Coptic parties, including the Coptic Orthodox Church, issued strongly worded statements warning against the danger of books on the Christian faith and theology of Christ.

“Al-Masry Al-Youm” is unique with pictures of the covers of books that caused a great commotion among the Coptic circles in Egypt, where the cover of the first book carried the title “The Right Meaning of the Gospel of Christ” presented by Dr. Al-Hadi Jatlawi, Dean of the College of Arts in Tunisia, and the second book came under the title “The frank dialogue of the disciples of Christ »Presentation of Dr. Abdullatif Ubaid. Participation in the preparation is honored with me. While the title of the cover of the third book, “The Gospel .. An Eastern Reading,” was prepared by Mazhar Al-Mallouhi, Amal Al-Mallouhi, Dr. Youssef Matta, and Dr. Dawood Abdel-Qader, and presented by Dr. Hashem Al-Qasimi from Morocco. As for the cover of the fourth book, it was titled “A Sufi Reading of the Gospel of John” presented by Dr. Radwan El-Sayed and Dr. Mohamed Yasser Sharaf.

On Saturday, the Coptic Orthodox Church issued a strongly worded statement, in which it warned of unknown groups going to Christians, trying to offer them free books forged to the Holy Bible and urging them to accept them.

Father Paul Halim, the spokesperson for the Coptic Church, said that the Church declares its complete rejection of the content of these books and other corrupt books that attempt to attract the reader by inserting the phrase “the Gospel of Christ” in its titles, and commends the statement of the Bible House in Egypt, as it is the only party that undertakes Responsibility for printing and distributing the Bible through the churches, in addition to the library’s libraries.

He affirmed that the Coptic Church stresses its complete rejection of these books, the content of which is completely incompatible with the basics of the Christian faith, and calls upon the concerned authorities to stand firmly against those behind these fabricated and false versions that tamper with societal peace by tampering with the texts of the Holy Books.

The Committee of Christian Works, chaired by St. Marteriros, issued a solidarity statement, on Saturday, confirming that, due to the concern of the Committee of Christian Works in the Coptic Church for the integrity of the Bible and the preservation of its absolute sanctity, we ask those responsible for church libraries and monasteries spread throughout Egypt to refuse to circulate the four books And covered by the statement.

The Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, headed by Anba Jeremiah, issued a statement regarding the four distorted books, stressing that due to the inquiries and contacts that have come to us regarding the following four books: the correct meaning of the Gospel of Christ, the correct statement of the Apostles of Christ, the Gospel is an Eastern reading, and a mystical reading of the Gospel of John, we make clear and confirm that These four books are misrepresented, and these four books are not published or printed by the Bible House, and it is the only entity charged with printing the Bible in the world.

The Center stressed that this translation publishes heresies and heresies to destroy the healthy Christian faith, noting that this distortion is intended to nullify and demolish the Christian faith and waste theology and essence of Christ, and that the owners of this complex and sprawling conspiracy in the use of corrupt translations of the Arius nature to revive the heresies that the Church defeated Since its first centuries.

The Catholic Church also entered the line facing the books distorted by the Bible with a solidarity statement signed by Anba Bakhoum, the Patriarchal Vicar for the Diocese of the Patriarchate and the official of the Catholic Information Office in Egypt, saying: “It is about translations of the Bible, the New Testament, printed and circulated these days on social media, with addresses. Various, the Catholic Church in Egypt affirms that it does not approve or recognize these books as acceptable translations of the New Testament, and also affirms that it has nothing to do with such translations, either in terms of private content, nor in terms of those who prepared or published them and their intellectual or religious orientations ».

For its part, the Education and Faith Committee of the Maghagha and Adawah Parish in the north of Minya Governorate issued a statement regarding the four books, in which it said that with the initial review of this translation and its texts, it became clear that this translation was issued by people who do not have the right to translate and print the Bible, and that the translation of these four books Wrong and deliberate translation that leads to serious damage multifaceted, foremost among which is that it leads to suspicion of the divinity of Christ and reduces his nature and essence equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit in nature, substance and divinity.

The statement pointed out that the owners of this translation have a dangerous goal is to revive the Arian heresy that fought the theology of Christ in the past and was destroyed by the universal Church in the Council of Nicaea Ecumenical in the year 325 AD and in the presence of 318 bishops from the churches of the world and set against it the law of Christian faith, which begins with the phrase «In fact we believe in one God »This law is believed by all the Christians of the world, indicating that it is no secret to us that among the harmful objectives of this translation is the denial of God’s embodiment of the Word in the fullness of time, but the acceptance of its manifestation only in the person of Christ.

The statement continued: “By reading the texts of this translation, we discovered that it destroys the doctrine of the Holy Trinity on which faith is based on the oneness of God, and the owners of this translation were not satisfied with these previously mentioned goals, but their goals extend to destroying the mystery of baptism and its spiritual goals set by God.”

Al-Masry Al-Youm was the only one to publish the story of the book, The Crisis, in its issue issued today, Saturday, under the title “A Coptic Book that Stirs a Crisis in Christian Circles.”

A book to explain parts of the Bible
A book to explain parts of the Bible
A book to explain parts of the Bible
A book to explain parts of the Bible

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