The establishment of a fifth Russian satellite navigation station in Brazil


It is expected that a new measurement station of the Russian “GLONASS” satellite navigation system will start operating in Brazil at the end of this year, as stated by the representative of the Russian “Ross Cosmos” satellite channel in Brazil, Gennady Saenko, in an interview he gave two days ago to the Russian “TASS” agency.

He explained that the operation of the Russian station will be carried out under an agreement signed with the Federal University in the Brazilian state of Barra, and said that the Russian station will become the fifth station belonging to the Russian “GLONASS” system in Brazil and a first station in the north of the country, according to Russia today.

Russia has previously deployed two stations of this type in the cities of Recife (Bernabuco State in the northeast) and Santa Maria (Rio Grande State) as well as two stations at the University of San Paulo.

It is noteworthy that the measurement stations of the “PES” generation, which were manufactured by the “Russian” Scientific Productive Company, are designed to raise the accuracy of the information received from the GLONASS system and improve its specifications. The agreement signed with the Ross Cosmos Foundation states that Brazilian scientists can benefit from it for local scientific research.


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