The fact that “Abu Zahra” and “Minister” retired is answering Haifas accusations


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The past days, from 10 to 17 July, witnessed the departure of several statements from art stars, some of them related to their artistic works, while others related to their personal lives, among them: Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra expresses his dissatisfaction with his artistic disregard and explains the truth of his thinking about retirement, Mohamed Mohsen Behind the scenes of his presentation, “My Islam, Egypt”, reveals a new distribution, Mohamed Waziri responds to Haifa Wehbe’s accusations of seizing his money, and other statements that we review in the following lines.

Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra

Artist Abdel-Rahman Abu Zahra denied his announcement of his retirement from the art, saying: “My words are misunderstood, I said I have depression as a result of harsh family conditions and have nothing to do with art, and may our Lord persist in it.”

Abu Zahra added, during his statements to the “Ninth” program shown on Egyptian television, that he stated that he is thinking about retiring and that there is a difference between thinking and making a decision in this regard, pointing out his commitment to stay at home during the last period in implementation of the precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus.

The artist expressed his dissatisfaction with participating in dramas during the recent period under the name of the guest of honor, saying: “I call him shit guest, and I do not want their money, and I announce that I do not accept a guest of honor from now, they are not interested in the elderly, so they are only familiar with the youth.”

He continued: “My wife passed away on November 30, 2019, and so far as if she had died yesterday, I lived with her for 56 years, and this separation was very severe for me, and so far in the five prayers I invite her, and I considered myself the happiest husband.”

محمد محسن

Artist Mohamed Mohsen said that he always redistributes songs from the Egyptian heritage and presents them to the Egyptian youth, noting that last month he considered re-presenting the old songs in a simple way and presented the song “Anna Hoyt” to Sayed Darwish and the song “Allah Ala Arabiyyat” by artist Hoda Haddad And the third song was a dedication to the spirit of the late artist Amer Mounib, “Love of Life.”

“Mohsen” added in a telephone interview to the “happening in Egypt” program on the MBC Egypt satellite channel, that the fourth song that he redistributed was “Islammi Ya Masr”, which he published before June 30th, expressing his happiness at the reactions about the song , Saying: “I was very, very surprised and very surprised by the reaction, which made me think of filming the song in cooperation with Sourly.”

He continued, that filming the song went easy and simple, explaining: “The reactions have been very strong since its publication, and I said if I imagined the song, it would definitely reach all people.”

Samira Tawfik

The Lebanese actress Samira Tawfiq was keen to reassure her fans of her health, and to thank the Emirates after its operation since the days of the catheterization process in Abu Dhabi.

Samira said on the “Et Arabic” program: “I am Samira Tawfiq, speaking to you from the UAE, specifically from Abu Dhabi .. I am a guest in this honorable country, who surrounded me and stood with me and they were with me in all circumstances. In the hospital, thank God, I made a catheter in the heart, and thank God, My situation is much better, and I thank all the people for my recovery. “

Here is ascetic

Artist Hana Al-Zahed expressed her great joy at the arrest of 6 defendants who molested her while driving the car in Sheikh Zayed.

Al-Zahid said, in a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is shown on the MBC satellite channel, Egypt: “I could not believe that the security forces arrested them, and when they spoke to me, I went to the air to take my words, and sign the record.”

She added that she felt safe after the arrest of the perpetrators, noting that they are 6 individuals, and she continued: “I said everything in the record … I am very, very simple and I do not believe that the security succeeded in arresting them through the video I photographed.”

Haifa Wehbe’s business manager

Mohamed Waziri, the former director of works of the artist Haifa Wehbe, revealed the details of his dispute with the Lebanese artist, saying: “Haifa was my time and we got married in 2017, and there were problems between us and we agreed to separate officially, but Corona hindered our divorce.”

In a phone call to the media, Amr Adeeb, on the “Story” program, which is shown on the MBC satellite channel, Egypt, my minister denied what was reported on social networking sites and accused him of stealing the dues of his wife Haifa Wehbe, saying: “We will not talk about one of them. You don’t answer me. “

He continued: “We were in complete agreement until 2019, there was a personal problem before filming Ghosts of Europe. We started filming the scenes and there are two weeks remaining in Europe. We were surprised that she said I wouldn’t travel, and the losses started to come, every day it cost me 150 thousand euros.”

He explained: “I am my life, I was her manager, I accepted this job title because it belongs to me, and my age will not work for this employer,” saying: “I want one document proving that I stole something from it.”

He continued, “I traveled 3 days after the appointment, and we finished filming, and I asked to watch him when the montage ends, I traveled America and I came back and watched the movie.”

He added, “I was subjected to psychological harm from May until today and do not speak to her because she is my wife, and what she says is that she is a general power of attorney and I am the manager of her business is incorrect, and her sister entered the house as she claims, we have lived together in the compound from 3 years.”

Majdi Al Hawary

Director Magdy El-Hawary said that the first concert in Aladdin’s play will be for the workers of the health system and the White Egypt Army, an initiative of the artist Ahmed Ezz, explaining that the concerts will start on the first day of Eid Al-Adha and that there will be a full commitment to preventive and preventive measures.

Al-Hawari continued, in a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib, with the program “Al-Hekaya”, that everyone committed to the government’s decisions regarding the implementation of precautionary measures due to the Corona virus, indicating that the application of 25% will have losses for workers in the sector.

Nancy Ajram’s husband

The electronic platform “Shahid” presented a documentary film about the armed robbery at the house of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al Hashim, which occurred last January.

During the movie, Fadi Al-Hashem replied to the question of why he shot 18 bullets at the dead man, saying: “I do not see a current hero, I did the thing I needed to do and there was no choice.

He added, during the movie called “The Complete Novel”: “I was surprised by the storming of my house, and I could not think of anything, and when the dead man started shooting, I did not think and confronted him in the opposite direction.” In the darkness, with several bullets, unconsciously, I felt a pain. “

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