The fact that Rajaa Al-Jeddawi will distribute her wealth to the Egyptians


The pioneers of social media circulated a post about the will of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi to distribute her wealth to the Egyptians, after she was infected with the new Corona virus, which she died 10 days ago.

The alleged publication stated: I hope that Al-Jeddawi recognized my wealth to the Egyptian people as services and prizes and I wish everyone to call me mercy when I die, with a request to send a message to the link to implement the will.

Amira Hassan Mokhtar, daughter of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, denied the validity of this publication, confirming in statements to local media that it was unfounded and that it was a means of fraud and that her mother had left no will.

The news of the death of Rajaa El-Geddawi was a shock in the Egyptian, Arab and international circles, where “El-Gedawi” was a high-ranking artist who performed roles still in the conscience of her fans, as she had a good biography in the Egyptian and Arab artistic community, where she presented nearly 400 works of art, and she was The journalist Amr Adib recently co-sponsored the story program.


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