The father of the accused of harassment: We filed a complaint in the Internet Investigation and the matter is bigger than its size


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The journalist, Amr Adeeb, said that he spoke with the father of the young man accused of harassment, who confirmed that he asked his son about committing these crimes, and he said to him: “I did things wrong but did not commit these sins and did not harass or rape.”

Adeeb added, during the program on the story on MBC Egypt, that he asked the father of the young man, who works for a telecommunications company, about the evidence of his son’s innocence, to respond by saying: Of its size due to social networking sites ».

And on the reason for his dismissal from the university in Spain, the young man’s father said: «The university separated him because of what was raised on its pages of the complainants after the complainants did a work on them. And we filed a complaint in the Internet Investigation, and it turned out that the account that was published was fake.

The Public Prosecution announced, on Saturday, that it would conduct its investigations with the accused, “Ahmed Bassam Zaki,” after the police arrested him, and issued a report of the arrest, and he and the accused presented it to the competent prosecution, and an investigation is underway.

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