The first comment from Al Rai on Ethiopias decision to start filling the Renaissance Dam


4:58 PM

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Eng. Mohamed El Sebaei, spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, after the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation announced the start of the initial filling of the Renaissance Dam, that the next procedure from Egypt is political and belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation Celici Bekele announced, Wednesday, the start of filling the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam, as quoted by official media in Ethiopia, two days after the failure of talks with Egypt and Sudan to reach an agreement on filling and operating the dam.

The Ethiopian diplomat, NBio Tedla, also said that Addis Ababa had started filling out the dam, in a tweet on his official Twitter account.

The Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation said that the first storage process is estimated at 4.9 billion cubic meters, explaining that “the construction and mobilization of the Renaissance Dam is proceeding normally.”

Bekele noted that Addis Ababa had reservations about some points in the dialogue with Egypt and Sudan.

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