The Football Association: We bear the cost of Zamalek smears


Walid Al-Attar, CEO of the Football Association, said that they had borne the cost of Corona virus detection scans like other clubs, saying that the results of the first survey showed positive cases within the team.

Walid Al-Attar said in his statements to the satellite channel “Echo Al-Balad”: “The smear that Zamalek players were subjected to was at the expense of the Football Association, as happened with all clubs, and with the same procedures that were taken in previous periods.”

He continued: “The results of the smears were sent to the club of Zamalek, but we cannot announce the details of the results because this matter is related to our policy with all clubs, and the announcement is the responsibility of the clubs, but indeed there were cases that appeared in the survey yesterday (Thursday).”

He added: “In all cases, a smear was carried out on Muhammad Awad, and if the result is negative, he can train from colleagues, and if it is positive, he can follow the procedures that each victim is subject to.”

He concluded, “Zamalek will undergo a second smear within 5 days, and it could be next Tuesday or Wednesday.”


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