The former Attorney General reveals how he defended his position and faced Morsi’s request to arrest the media Video


Counselor Abdel Majeed Mahmoud, the former Attorney General, affirmed that the terrorist Brotherhood does not know the value of the homeland, and was planning to impose its own plans.

In a telephone interview with the journalist Mustafa Bakri, Abdel-Majid Mahmoud said, during coverage of the celebrations marking the June 30 revolution on “Echo of the Country”, that the terrorist Brotherhood does not know the value of the country and preserving it and its values, noting that it has had its own values ​​and plans for 80 years, which is What the Egyptian people do not accept.

He added that the Brotherhood was trying to avenge the judiciary and the prosecution, although they were dealing with the law only, challenging if any of them were subjected to psychological or physical abuse, but the position of the public prosecutor for them was targeted, and they wanted to breach this position.

He continued that attempts to remove him from the position of public prosecutor, through the constitutional declaration announced in November 2013, then judicial confrontation, and at that time a ruling was obtained from the Court of Appeal and then the ruling of the Court of Cassation, saying that the verdict, God is destined to issue on June 30, was completed Morsi was ousted on June 3.

And he added that Ahmed Makki and Hussam Al-Gharyani were always talking about the independence of the judiciary, but that they were the first thing that we managed and became from the Brotherhood system, when they had the opportunity to try to be his position as public prosecutor, explaining that Hussam Al-Gharyani contacted him to persuade him to the position of the Vatican ambassador, but that he stuck to his position .

He continued his statements, that Mohamed Morsi asked the public prosecutor to arrest Mustafa Bakri and some media personnel, but he categorically rejected Morsi’s request to arrest them.

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