The full story of the popular rumor of Yasmin Abdel Aziz


The rumor of the Egyptian artist Yasmin Abdelaziz’s pregnancy spread in the past days, but the artist broke her silence and revealed the truth and the source of the rumor.”Yasmine” published a picture through her account on “Instagram”, for a “Twitter” account bearing her name and pictures, and tweeted in her name, saying: “O group, I am pregnant.”

And Yasmine warned her fans, saying: “Fake account is my impersonator.”

A number of fans of Yasmine Abdel Aziz were keen to support her as soon as she wrote the post, and demanded that she inform the Twitter Administration about the fraudulent acne to remove it, while others volunteered to launch a campaign to report it, where one of them said: “Everyone will do the report and it will be closed.”It is mentioned that many rumors during the past days have been raised that Yasmine Abdel Aziz is pregnant, and doubts increased after she published a picture accompanied by her husband, Ahmed Al-Awadi, showing her overweight.

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