The “Global Health” acknowledges the truth: the elimination of Corona will not be done soon – one world – beyond borders


“It is unlikely that the world will be able to eradicate the emerging coronavirus any time soon,” said Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Program.

“In our current situation, it is totally unlikely that we will be able to eradicate or eradicate this virus,” the director of the health emergency program said at a press conference yesterday (Friday) in Geneva. There are very special environments in which this can happen, island countries and other places, but despite that there is a risk of re-importing the virus again. ”

“We saw the countries that were able to reach zero, in which they re-imported the virus from abroad,” Ryan said. Therefore there is always a risk, both from the inside and from bringing the disease back, so it is recognized that there is always a risk of other conditions occurring. ”

Ryan noted that «the transition that occurs in this case can be individual, isolated cases that can be relatively easily isolated. A more disturbing pattern is large groups of states that can occur in conjunction with high prevalence events, which are events in which large crowds congregate.



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