“The Green Man” investigations: He hit an officer and a police secretary by cutting the tendons of the hands and fingers


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On Thursday and October 3rd, under the supervision of Counselor Abdel Majeed Al Qassas, the Attorney General, on Thursday, he received the preliminary anatomical report on the cause of death of what became known as the “green man” who was killed in a security confrontation when he tried to storm the Media Production City, Wednesday.

The Public Prosecution, headed by Counselor Khaled Taher, received the medical report on the condition of the officer and the police secretary, who were injured as a result of an assault by the “green man” on them, with a white weapon, in his possession.

The anatomical characteristic report showed that the first victim – the “green man” who won the title after he painted the upper part of his body with green paint, as a young man in the late thirties, was killed due to a gunshot that settled in his stomach, and was likely to be the source of Mary’s weapon, confirming That the incident occurred as stated in the investigations that “the green man” stormed the gate of the city of production, hit a police secretary who tried to confront him when he famous two weapons, “Sinja and also”, and started shouting with incomprehensible words, such as “Ooo ..”, then “God is great” Also, a police officer who tried to control him was injured, and the forces in charge of securing the production city fired at the “green man”, who was killed before arriving at the hospital.

The report stated that the gunfire that hit the victim – was issued from a distance not exceeding 5 meters.

The medical report on the injuries of the police officer and secretary who was injured in the incident also stated that their injuries varied between cuts of tendons and fingers, in addition to superficial wounds on the shoulder, and they are still being treated in a hospital.

Investigations stated that the “green man” – a farmer and the origin of his residence in Beheira Governorate, and eyewitnesses confirmed his infiltration into the city gate through one of the back walls, and one of the security personnel witnessed him through the surveillance cameras, and when he tried to confront him, he was surprised to carry a white weapon, so he assaulted the policeman, causing his injury With tendons, a police officer tried to control it.

And surveillance cameras monitored by the prosecution monitored the entry of the “green man” wearing a jilbab, and as soon as the inner wall of the production city landed, he took off and painted the upper part of his body in green, and he was wearing jeans.

Earlier, the prosecution stated that the body of the victim “buried” was buried, and an ambulance was taken based on the prosecution’s decision – the victim’s body to the Zeinhum morgue, to dissect the body with the knowledge of the forensic experts to determine the causes of death, and then authorize the burial.

Initial investigations received by the prosecution indicated that the incident was not behind any political motives, nor that the victim was intending to harm any of the city or be exposed to any of the media.

The prosecution asked the security services to seize the weapon used to shoot the farmer, send it to forensic experts to examine it and explain its use, and match the shots extracted from the farmer’s body with gunshots to show the conformity or not.

It ordered the escort of the security force that shot the farms to be interrogated, asked for inquiries about how the incident occurred, and kept reservations on the surveillance cameras that took pictures of the incident, and inquired about the condition of the injured.

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