The highly anticipated iPhone 12 is not sold with its charger .. so why?


You may not find many accessories that would like to be in the box of this upcoming iPhone next to the phone itself, says trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his research note that iPhone 2020 models will not only include the usual wired headphones nor will they include a power adapter, The user can only receive a charging cable.

The highly anticipated iPhone 12 case will not include a charger

According to the American gadget’s website, there will be a stronger 20-watt charger “against 18-watt for the iPhone 11 Pro”, but in the end you should buy it separately, while Barclays analysts also think Apple will not place the charger anymore.

Kuo believes this will be a way to cut costs and offset the higher price to include 5G wireless technology in future phones.

Environmental critics have said that the inclusion of power adapters is often lost when many people have old phone chargers or will charge them through their computers, and this may not be a consolation if you need a charger, but it should result in fewer e-waste In the end


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