The Jews tried to block his movie because his profits would go to Gamal Abdel Nasser .. Tales of Omar Sharif


Despite the many years that Omar Sharif spent outside his homeland, but in every conversation he affirmed that he was the son of his country, and he encountered many troubles due to his successive statements to foreign newspapers about Egypt and its place in his heart.

Omar Sharif says: “Egypt is my country, and the best that I can offer the Arab world is to communicate the Arab issue clearly and fairly to the conscience of the world through my reputation, and by inviting those I know to visit the Arabs and get to know them closely, and see their loving, peaceful and strong ethics.”He continued: “As a result, during the Six-Day War, there were many Jewish pressures to cancel my contract for the movie” The Laughing Girl “, with the star Barbara Streisand, who is Jewish, because my heroism for the film will make them pay their money to Egypt, so he will pay her to Gamal Abdel Nasser, who fights Israel according to their vision. And Jews control America and American cinema very much, according to the planets magazine.


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