The last meeting, “Ghada”, bid farewell to her two children and traveled to Al-Safa Beach (photos


09:07 PM

Thursday 23 July 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badry and Mohamed Amer:

Spontaneously commensurate with her age, the girl “Makkah” was looking towards the sea waiting for the return of her mother, “Ghada”, but she did not know that her waiting would be long, so her mother was the victim of a drowning accident in Al-Safa Beach, which resulted in the death of 4 people from one family among them 3 brothers.

The two-year-old clung to a friend of the family who embraced her during the search for the bodies of the victims, without realizing that she would not see her mother again, and steps away from her and another girl stood in the arms of an infant no more than 4 months old, the younger brother of the child Makkah.

Ghada, a 19-year-old, left without knowing when she called her two children, that it would be the last meeting, leaving behind two children who do not know how to live without them.

A family neighbor at their summer residence in Al-Safa Beach said that they had received the two children to provide care for them temporarily until the remaining bodies of the family members were recovered.

On Thursday morning, 4 people were drowned in Al-Safa Beach in Al-Ajami neighborhood, west of Alexandria. They are “Ghada Rajab Hanafi,” 19, and “Mohammed Rajab Hanafi,” 15, and “Hanafi Rajab Hanafi,” as well as their cousin Mr”. The incident comes days after 12 people drowned, at the dawn of July 10, at the palm beach known as the “beach of death” in the Al-Ajmi neighborhood, after they entered the beach at dawn in violation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Major-General Jamal Rashad, head of the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria, said that the sinking of Al-Safa beach from those who infiltrated to the sea at five in the morning, in violation of the Cabinet’s decision to close and prevent beaches. Rashad added, in a statement, today, Thursday, that the four shipwrecked from one family “3 brothers and their aunt’s son” from Mansheyet Nasser in Cairo Governorate, noting that the high sea waves and the lack of rescue due to the closure of beaches behind their sinking. He appealed to the head of the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts, the citizens to implement the instructions of the Council of Ministers not to be on the beaches and violate the instructions, in the interest of the safety of all.

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