The legend of unhappiness … Abla Kamel reveals the secret of her drowning with “The laughter of laughter” on a solace occasion


“The problems are either greater or more trivial than they make me cry, and I am not a miracle. We are a generation that finds no reason or point in crying. The problems of this age are not suitable for tears. My mother, my maternal aunt, my aunt, and before them my grandmother crying for idle workers. This is how the artist Abla Kamel started her talk with the 1989 “Photographer” magazine, about how she dealt with crises and problems in her life.

The artist Abla Kamel said: “If a girl tired of my daughters tired the world remains a black in his eyes and kept Mouch I want a need from my life salvation, and yet I do not cry, I put all my concern in her treatment, and I had to go out to work, my heart would cut off, but what is the solution?”Abla Kamel does not cry even in the face of death, and laughs according to circumstances and conditions, even when women meet to perform condolences, she goes with completely neutral feelings, nothing that makes her laugh or cry, either because the deceased does not care about her because she does not know her but does not compliment any of his relatives, Or we don’t know him, but she never cries.

Abla Kamel says: “On the ladder I meet with a relative or neighbor, we talk about beautiful human issues, we smile and no problem, and as soon as we enter the door, her tears fall abundantly, merge more and weep for a moment, and he was dear to us and he was a real man, ok from whom did you know that you have neither his lips nor Do you know him? ”

And you see that the time for solace is that the women are in distress, and need to speak, whispering. The reading of the Qur’an has occurred, so condolence has become an opportunity to chat and know the latest news, until the reader finishes and the words explode, “Flog … fluff … fluff.”

The great artist recounts, two years ago, the mother of her childhood friend died and she loved her a lot. She says: “One day you made sandwiches for us.” This solace witnessed the most unusual crying, but Abla was completely silent, and suddenly she entered a little girl looking for her mother, It seems that she entered the apartment by mistake, and Abla burst into laughter, and all eyes of the women present in condolence turned to her, so Abla laughed more, and the more she tried to keep quiet, the more she laughed.

Everyone stopped crying, and their eyes turned to Abla Kamel, and they thought that she had entered a psychological state, saying: “I was doing this, why not knowing, I know why and my brain is tired, I am like this and salvation, many things in my life I do not know have an explanation, and I do not care that I know, the world will not stop because of me or others, just as my life will not stop because I do not find an explanation for everything inside me, the world is taking place with us and the time for meditation and dialogue with the soul or others is over. “


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