The Lisa virus in Italy kills a cat and infects 4 people


Detect location The Italian “Corriere della Sera” on The death of a cat And infected 4 people with a rare virus called Lisa»In the city of Eritsu, where this virus first appeared in 2003 in a Caucasian bat.
The doctors said that The cat She was initially infected and then transmitted the infection to 4 people, including the vet who was trying hard to save her.
From that time it was announced Mayor of Eresto, restrict movement Pets Like dogs and cats, with close control over which animals appear on her Any kind of symptoms for 6 months.

Appealed to the authorities in the city Aristo friends the animals Pets Imperative Report on Their animals In the event of strange symptoms, whether with normal diseases that affect animals or not.

The doctors also revealed the most prominent symptoms of the Lisa virus as it turns the animal into fierce and aggressive immediately after infection, and after the infection was transmitted to the family, the Italian Ministry of Health confirmed that the virus can be transmitted from animal to human.

Reports indicated that the infection was transferred to The cat By biting her bat in the garden where you live.

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The researchers soon conducted scientific studies, where they found that the Lisa virus, similar to rabies, is transmitted by wild carnivores.

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