The Ministry of Health: No drug has been proven effective in treating corona yet


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Nohaa Assem, adviser to the Minister of Health for Research, said that there are some companies that have obtained a license to use urgent treatment of the emerging corona virus, noting that some companies offer to treat the virus within two weeks.

Nohaa Assem added, during a phone call to the “Liberation Hall” program with the media Azza Mustafa, on the “Echo of the Country” channel, that there is no specific drug that has proven effective for Corona virus, and all current drugs are in research and experimental stages, while there are stages that are nearing completion.

She added that the companies that got approval to put on the market, for expedited use, in light of the emergency conditions we live in, noting that the numbers are less than one day and the seriousness of the disease, and there is an analysis of data for the periodic publication of citizens in order to determine the risk factors for the disease and the factors of death as a result the disease.

And she continued, that in order to determine that we have passed the peak stage, it is necessary to wait from two to three weeks at the most, and then the matter will be determined.

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