The mystery of the child Madeleine disappeared 13 years ago and the abandoned wells revive hope


Police in Portugal conducted search operations at three abandoned wells as part of a search for the remains of a British girl, Madeleine Mecan, who mysteriously disappeared 13 years ago.

According to the “Sky News” website, this process took place in an isolated area on the coast of Algrave, in which more than ten specialized investigators participated through the use of belts and ropes.The girl disappeared while she was on vacation with her parents in Portugal, and an investigation has been ongoing into the incident since then, and doubts are currently being raised about a suspected German man.

According to the source, the investigators did not find any evidence about the girl, whose disappearance turned into a puzzle in the European country.

The inspected wells are close to each other, and close to a narrow road leading to Boca do Rio Beach, in the town of Bodens.

This site is half an hour from Praia da Luz, the resort from which Madeleine disappeared in 2007.

Investigators suspect that this place is widely known to German “Christian B”, who is the main suspect in the case.

Witnesses stated that the investigators spent more than a day searching for any indication that might lead them to solve the crime mystery.

The suspect is being investigated, under the supervision of the German Attorney General, Hans Christian Wolters, who said months ago that he would like to know any information about the locations the suspect has been frequenting.

He clarified that he was certain of the hypothesis of the child’s death, adding that he wanted to conduct an investigation into a possible murder.

The police services in Germany and Portugal have received nearly 2,000 information, since they asked the general public to provide the information available to them, five weeks ago.

Sky News, citing a source linked to the investigation, reported that investigators were scrutinizing well and relying on seemingly reliable and useful statements.

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