The new “Watch Party” feature on Amazon allows viewing of shows with 100 friends


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the Watch Party can be set up by any user, who then sends links to family and friends via email so they can join in watching the show.

This feature comes after the BBC’s decision to launch a beta platform, dubbed the BBC Together, where up to 50 iPlayer users can watch a program together.

Also, through Amazon Watch Party, the host can be able to start, pause or pause all viewers simultaneously, allowing them to watch simultaneously.

Users will also have access to the built-in chat feature where they can post text and emoji while playing the movie or series.

There are thousands of shows including Fleabag, Homecoming and Hell’s Kitchen, which will be available to watch with this feature.

Amazon said on its website that Amazon Prime members based in the United States are eligible to access a desktop viewing party.

“Anyone can join a watch party as long as they have a valid invitation link and an active primary membership to access the eligible titles included in their primary membership,” Amazon added.

American subscribers will also be able to access the Watch Party while they are abroad with the “Watch While Abroad” feature.


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