The Oscars appoint Arabs and minorities among their members to deny accusations of bias


The American Academy of Film Arts and Science has announced awards for “Oscars“, Which is accused of systematically biasing white men among its members, from a list of 819 new members who will join their ranks this year, comprising 45% of women and 36% of minorities..

The list included a number of Arab members, such as the Moroccan director Ali Al-Safi, the Sudanese actor Alexander Seddik, the Lebanese director Monia Aqel, the Saudi director Ahmed Saleh, and the Palestinian director Najwa Najjar, in addition to others, according to Sky News.

Among the new members are the Asian actress Okafina, the African actress Cynthia Erivo, the Latin Eva Longoria and the French filmmakers Ledge Lee and Jeremy Cablan, and almost half of the new members are non-Americans and represent 68 different nationalities..

The Academy that awarded the Oscar Awards announced in 2016 after several years of harsh criticism of its formation, which was considered separate from society, doubling the number of women and belonging to minorities by 2020.

And as soon as the new members accept joining, the percentage of women in the academy will rise to 33% compared to 25% in 2015, and 7 of the seventeen professional groups represented in the Oscars witnessed more women entering, compared to men, according to the statement..

On the level of “minorities with a weak representation”, the number of their members increased three times and moved from 554 in 2015 to 1787 this year, or 19% of the members..

In order to achieve these goals, the Academy has become more international in recent years, with the number of foreign members increasing 3 times to more than 2100, while the total number of members is close to ten thousand.

Academy members vote to choose Oscar winners, and many believe that this openness allowed this year to crown Parasite, the first foreign feature film to win the Best Picture Oscar..


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