The picture – the beauty of Wael Sharaf’s wife draws attention


A number of active accounts on the Instagram photo and video application republished a photo of the wife of Syrian actor Wael Sharaf. It sparked interest in the softness of its features and beauty, which some described as unique.

It turns out that the photo was taken from the account of the artist who posted it earlier on the occasion of the wife’s birthday. She addressed her through a spinning and greeting message in which he wrote: “Every year, you are safe, the most beautiful and the thinnest woman in the world.”

He added: “This day is one of the most beautiful days in my life. I ask God to make you happy and congratulate you, and to deceive you over the head of Limar, the presence and enlightenment of the house, my sweetest eternity.”

It is noteworthy that the star of “Bab Al Hara” caught the eye after this by publishing a picture that was collected and taken by his two sons and taken to them at the location of the famous series. The boy’s face did not appear clearly while the followers were able to notice the similarities between the actor and his daughter, knowing that the latter attached the photo to the comment: “Good evening, my dear ones. Part VII. Ask him. ”


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