The position of “The Doctor of Negligence” raised eyebrows before his departure … Heneidy chose it.


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Tuesday 28 July 2020


In a previous position, Dr. Mohamed Mashaly raised the amazement of an Emirati program provider interested in charitable aid, after he refused his great help, which prompted the pioneers of social networking sites to interact with this situation, as well as a number of artists with many positive comments and thanks and appreciation letters.

Dr. Muhammad Mashali, known as the overriding physician, died in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after a sudden drop in blood circulation.

Emirati program

The presenter of the Emirati “My Heart Reassured” program went to Dr. Mashali’s clinic in the city of Tanta. He has a clinic that the poor go to, and he receives a modest fee for a great degree compared to the rest of the doctors in his country.

The presenter told him: “I am Jay from the UAE, and I only have 5 pounds and the cost of detection is 10 pounds. Can I come after patients go and pay five pounds,” and the doctor agreed immediately.

When the presenter of the Emirati program offered to provide him with financial assistance, the doctor refused, saying: “You are beautiful on my head, people are overpowered and I grew up poor, my father recommended me to the poor well, and I do not want an Arab 10 meters and I do not want a suit for a million and 10 thousand, I am ascetic, I am anything With my cock, bean sandwich and a tasty Bikfini sandwich.

And when the presenter insisted on providing help by saying, “How can I help you help the poor?” The doctor replied: “Can you go and make a donation in a charity or donate to the shelter institution on Port Said Street … I do not agree, I will not move from this clinic until God dies me I might be doing a second clinic, but I’m happy with this … getting closer to God by doing good. “

The program “My Heart Reassured” was shown since 2018 on several Arab satellite stations, including the Abu Dhabi satellite channel at 6:20 pm Emirates time, and the program provided assistance to the poor and humanitarian cases.

Artists get stuck

The lyric poet Amir Tuaima commented on the attitude of the overriding physician, Dr. Muhammad Mashali, on the Emirati program.

Toeima wrote, through his account on Twitter, saying: “By God, Dr. Muhammad, you are the one who understood the world right, and you know what you want its true size, and we who do not understand any need … may God bless your life and health, Mohamed Mashali.”

Elisa replied, on a blog post, saying: “The world is still well off, as long as there are people like Dr. Muhammad.”

As for the artist Mohamed Heneidy, he participated in the “Heroes of Goodness” campaign, through his account on Twitter, and chose Dr. Mohamed Mashally as a hero.

Hunaidi tweeted, with a video saying: “I chose Dr. Muhammad Mashali, he spent 40 years in goodness and in many people hearing about him and people smiling, you are a hero in the eyes of every patient who helped him and in the eyes of every person who heard about you, thank you Dr. Muhammad Mashali.”

Speaking to the audience, he said: “Take part in the Twitter campaign and tell us about your hero in Ramadan who is on the hashtag # Heroes_Good.”

Dr. Mohamed Mashally, the prank, Dr. El Ghalaba, has been known to provide medical services at low prices and for free over many years, making him a role model.

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