“The pound is not used in Egypt” .. The most dangerous counterfeit university degrees in Kuwait is forfeited by his confessions


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The Kuwaiti investigation authorities made his confessions “the most dangerous forged in the country” when he was asked about the amount he was paying to register students in exchange for granting them false university degrees, some of them attributed to Egyptian universities.

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, reported that the accused replied that he was registering the student for 1,000 pounds, while the pound was not used as a currency in Egyptian universities, which is another fall in his confessions, confirming that he did not go and did not pay to register students, and all his transactions were fraud.

The Public Prosecution in Kuwait asked Mazroui University certificates: “How did you obtain your degrees 10 years ago, and you did not leave Kuwait?” They replied: “We studied online”, but the investigating authority confronted them that there was no “online” study at that time.

A source familiar with “Al-Qabas” said that the defendants “were among those who extracted forged testimonies through the most dangerous forger in the history of Kuwait, called Ayman, whose court cases may reach hundreds of cases.”

The source added to the newspaper that «the accused Ayman, who has years of imprisonment up to now 63 years, by judicial rulings issued by Kuwaiti courts, and his current nature has become very miserable, in some courtrooms when calling the Hajj in his name, the audience is surprised that he does not exist, and when asked about the reason for his absence, The security men inform the court that he is in another hall to ask him about a new case, and he will be brought in as soon as it is finished, which means that the cases against him are increasing. ”

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