The President’s Health Adviser reveals the main reason for the low numbers of corona infections


Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag El Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention, said that there are cases of infection with the Corona virus, and there are still cases that need hospitals.

He added, “Taj Al-Din”, during a telephone conversation with the media Sharif Amer, with a program that occurs in Egypt, broadcasted via MBC satellite channel Egypt, it is true that the death rate is decreasing, but it is present, and we still desperately need to prevent, maintain precautionary measures, use gags, and adhere to all Preventive means by which most citizens are bound, and recommended by the state to combat the Corona virus.The most dramatic situation in Egypt has improved, and we have a noticeable decrease in the number of positive cases, and we do not have a crisis in hospital admission or intensive care, due to the commitment of large numbers of people to wear masks and keenness on the precautionary measures stipulated by the state.

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