The prosecution shocked Sama Al-Masry with new scandalous videos, and this is her justification


The North Cairo Prosecutor’s Office assigned the college in Egypt to urgently investigate new charges against the dancer “Sama Al Masry” by inciting immorality and debauchery.The prosecution ordered the summons of “Sama Al-Masry” to listen to her statements in the communications submitted against her by the lawyer Ashraf Farhat, and during the investigations, she showed signs of shock, and said that the author seeks to fame by submitting reports against her and a number of artists, according to the newspaper “Al-Youm Al-Sabaa”.

She added that she did not publish the videos in question, and that her mobile phone was stolen and it is possible that the thief was the one who posted the videos.

The Cairo Economic Misdemeanor Court had issued a verdict to punish the dancer Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel-Rahman, and her fame “Sama Al-Masry” was 3 years in prison and she was fined 300 thousand pounds after being accused of “abusing public modesty.”

Archival video:

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