The researchers amazed .. Parrot beats Harvard students in memory tests (video)


The researchers surprised .. A parrot beats students ...

Source: Naira Salah – Toss News

An African gray parrot called “Griffin” surpassed Harvard students American, Ancient, in memory test.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that the budgie Griffin – who is 22 years old – exceeded the challenge of memory tests over 21 students from Harvard University and 21 other children from the region, between the ages of 6 and 8 years.

The researchers say: The parrot separated it from humans 300 million years of development, and was supposed to be surpassed by man on any mental test.

The test included finding a specific colored piece under identical cups, to be replaced a few times in order to raise the level of difficulty of the test, and the contestants are required to mentally track the location of the cup that contains the required colored piece.

The parrot managed to beat the students after 120 rounds of play and 36 rounds with young children, as it was choosing the right cup with its beak.

Parrots have the ability to track optical illusions and practice various forms of deductive reasoning.

Haraj Bailian, professor at the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, says that manipulating visual memory is an evolutionary force that has existed from ancient times that involved humans and parrots.

Baylan quotes the confusion that dominated the university’s team of researchers, saying: “Think about it … a gray parrot outperforming Harvard students.

And Harvard University, the oldest and most prestigious American universities, and one of the oldest and best universities in the world, and the largest university in the world in terms of area and equipment.

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