The Saudi agreement announces the end of his relationship with “Azaru” and not playing in Saudi Arabia again


Khaled Al-Nasser, Secretary-General of the Executive Council of the Saudi Al-Ittifaq Club, confirmed that his club’s relationship was broken with Al-Ahly striker Walid Azzaro, after his borrowing ended at the end of last month, and the player exaggerated his material requests to renew that loan, saying: “The negotiations were going respectfully between The management of Al-Ittifaq and Al-Ahly, but everything was interrupted after the player exaggerated his material requests and the Saudi club officials refused to grant him these advantages and his preference over the rest of the team’s players. 2 “that Walid Azzaro is now a player in Al-Ahly Club after his loan expired to the Saudi agreement.

Khaled Al-Nasser continued his speech, explaining that according to the law of the Saudi Football Association, Azzaro became prohibited from playing in any club in the Saudi League after he refused to renew his loan to Al-Ittifaq club, explaining that the player did not receive the salary in June only.

The agreement was addressed Al-Ahly Officially to extend Walid Azzaros loan loan until the end of the local season in Saudi Arabia, after Coronas “pandemic” caused the freezing of sports activity in the whole world for several months, and FIFA granted the green light for all clubs to extend the loan of their players until the end of the season in leagues that did not To be completed due to the conditions of Corona, but FIFA acknowledged that the extension would be by mutual consent between all parties and in the absence of a financial dispute between these parties.

The Secretary-General of the Executive Council of the Saudi Al-Ittifaq club confirmed that his club did not negotiate with any player in the Egyptian league today, refusing to put the name of the agreement in some deals.


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