The secret of choosing Zamalek on July 9 to celebrate the title of Real Century Club … video


The media, Hani Hathout, said that on July 9, Zamalek chose a festival for the white fans, and that it was dedicated to celebrating the Day of the Horn of Africa Club.

Hani Hathout added, through the “Match” program on “Echo Al Balad” channel, that the secret behind the selection of Zamalek for the day of July 9; It is the number of African championships achieved by Zamalek, while July is the month of 7, in reference to the number of championships achieved by the traditional, Al-Ahly rivals.

The Board of Directors of Zamalek decided to adopt on July 9 of each year, to celebrate the Day of the Horn of Africa Club, in response to the desire of millions of fans of the White Castle Club.

It is scheduled that the Zamalek Club Board of Directors will meet today; To discuss several decisions regarding the club and the future of the white team in the coming period.


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