The shore of death .. 11 people drowned in Al-Nakhil beach in Al-Ajmi .. 6 bodies were recovered and others were searched for


General Administration mentioned …… That 11 people drowned inside Palm Beach In Al-Ajmi, 6 bodies were recovered and others were searched for by the river rescue of the General Administration of Civil Protection.

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The administration added in a statement – that on Friday, around 5.20 am, some citizens descended on the waters of the Palm Beach in the Al-Ajmi neighborhood, which is currently closed within closed beaches, by the decision of the Prime Minister regarding the banning of beaches as part of the precautionary and preventive measures taken to confront the new Corona virus..

The statement indicated that their descent at this early time came to escape the prosecutions of the executive bodies that carry out the evacuation throughout the day. One of the children drowned while descending the sea, which led to the rush of many citizens inAn attempt to save him, which led to drowning of 11 people, 6 bodies were recovered and others are being searched.

It is worth noting that the palm beach witnesses a high flow of citizens from the neighboring governorates, and the process of dispersing gatherings and evacuating the beaches is carried out daily by the executive bodies in Alexandria Governorate, despite the establishment of indicative signs along the beach indicating the closure of the beach.

The Alexandria Governorate and the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts call upon the citizens to implement the instructions of the Council of Ministers not to be on the beaches and violate the instructions in the interest of the safety of all.

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