“The spirit of your shuffle is another work.” A cruel tale that changed the life of Mahmoud Al-Meligi. He died at the hands of Omar Sharif.


700 cinematographic films are the balance of the great artist Mahmoud El-Melegy, that is, more than 20% of the product of Egyptian cinema throughout its history, a number that has many signs, most notably that we are facing a large and exceptional artist.

Al-Miliji narrates his memories of his acting with his acting during his studies at the school. He says: In the fourth year, Aziz Eid came to lead us, attracted me to his unique personality and the splendor of his production and the development of his ideas, and I was standing beside him like a child who always loves to imitate his father, and I have been loved by my mother … He was not given a role similar to him, and he always said to me: “You are not an actor… RH has a role in a second role, other than acting.”

Al-Meliji complements: “Every time he said this phrase to me, I felt as if a dagger was implanted in my heart. Often I used to hide in the vicinity of the old tree in the schoolyard and leave my eyes to the eyes of God. Eid confuses you and foretells you a distinguished future in acting, so I cried out who told you that? He replied that he is dear Eid himself .. I learned later that this great artist was telling me these words only from his mouth and not from his heart, and that he deliberately said them so that he would not make me vanity, and it was an unforgettable lesson from the giant Aziz Eid.

The turning point in the life of “Mahmoud Al-Melegy” was in 1970, when the director “Youssef Chahine” chose him to play the role of “Mohamed Abu Swailem” in the movie “The Earth” .. He worked later in many of Youssef Chahine’s films, namely: Choice, the sparrow, the return of the prodigal son, Alexandria Leih, his role is Egyptian.

Youssef Chahine spoke about El-Meligy, who said: “Mahmoud El-Meligy was the fastest person to play his role automatically, which I did not find with any other actor, and I am personally afraid of the looks of his eyes in front of the camera.”

Just as the warrior dies in the battlefield, Mahmoud Al-Melegi died in the filming place as he prepares to film the last shots of his role in the TV movie “Ayoub” .. Suddenly, while he was having coffee with his friend “Omar Sharif”, Al-Meligy fell, to the amazement of everyone. The Egyptian woman, who is at the age of seventy-three, and that was on the sixth of June 1983 in the aftermath of an acute heart attack, after a journey of giving with art that lasted more than half a century ago, during which he presented more than seven hundred and fifty artworks, between Cinema, theater, television and radio.


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