The Telegraph reveals two medicines made in Egypt that contribute to reducing Corona deaths


British newspaper “The Telegraph” revealed the results of preliminary studies taking place in a number of countries around the world, regarding reducing two medications for the C virus of deaths of patients with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, including 3 studies conducted on patients in the State of Iran, and more studies are being conducted This is currently being done in a number of countries.

In the studies, two drugs, “Sophosbofir and Declaser” were used, which are two treatments that are produced by a pharmaceutical company operating in Egypt, and whose headquarters are located in the Egyptian capital Cairo, as part of the efforts made by the Egyptian state to eliminate the C virus in Egypt.The “Telegraph”, that 3 studies were conducted on pharmacists available widely worldwide, at an appropriate price compared to other treatments used in the face of the emerging corona virus, and showed results described by the British newspaper as “promising.”

She pointed out that they are linked to the proteins of the new Corona virus, which hinders its ability to reproduce inside the body, explaining that the final results on these two drugs will be announced during the month of October, after the completion of all their studies permanently.

Commenting on the ongoing studies in this regard, Dr. Riyad Armanious, the managing director of the company, affirmed the commitment to produce the drugs in any quantities that the Egyptian state may need in the coming period, especially with its large manufacturing capabilities from them, with the ability to manufacture for different countries of the world.

“Armanius”, in press statements today, that the company provides the Egyptian state and all countries in the region with all options and treatments for anti-viruses that stop the proliferation of the new Corona virus inside the body, from “Ramdesevir” to “faviravir”, and even ” Sofosbuvir and Declavier “, and any other treatments related to Corona treatment the company will provide at a reasonable price for the Egyptian patient.

“Armanius” stated that the company has already distributed “Ramsevir” in about 30 hospitals in Egypt, and is preparing to export it within a few days, while “faviravir” will be put on the market in the next few days.
He reaffirmed EVA’s endeavor to provide any quantities of treatments it produces for the benefit of the Egyptian patient, and its openness to export abroad.

Sofosbuvir and Declavier

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