The trade organization is in recession and reform is necessary


Saudi candidate for managing “global trade”: The world is undergoing major changes that affected the flow of trade


Muhammad al-Tuwaijri, Saudi Arabia’s candidate for the management of the World Trade Organization, said that the world is going through great changes that affected the flow of trade and that the organization needs the necessary reforms to keep pace with these changes.

Al-Tuwaijri added, “The role of the organization’s director general is necessary because it is a link between the members to reach an understanding, and we have to overcome differences and focus on successes, as the organization’s problems are related to negotiation procedures and conflict resolution.”

“The future of the world after Corona will be ambiguous, and this is the time for leadership and management for the World Trade Organization. I look forward to leading the organization at this difficult time and implementing reforms with the consensus of all.”

He stressed the need to give women equal opportunities to occupy leadership positions. “I am with the empowerment of women in leadership positions.”

The advisor at the Royal Court will present the Saudi candidate for the position of Director General of the World Trade Organization, Muhammad Al-Tuwaijri, today with his vision and program for the WTO officials and regional groups.

Al-Tuwaijri held in Geneva a number of meetings with officials of the WTO, on the sidelines of his visit to Geneva, to present a statement of his candidacy to the General Council of the World Trade Organization.

Al-Tuwaijri met with the Director General of the organization, Roberto Azevedo, the Arab group in the organization consisting of ambassadors of Arab countries, and the group of Article 12 countries consisting of 38 members, as well as the group of Latin American and Caribbean countries, which includes 33 members.

The Kingdom’s candidate will present his candidacy statement to the organization’s general council today, Friday, and a press conference will be held to answer media inquiries about his candidacy.

7 competitors

Al-Tuwaijri will enter the competition for the position, along with seven candidates from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Britain, Mexico, Moldova and South Korea.

The new Director-General faces a range of challenges, most notably the revival of the frozen trade talks, the preparation for the 2021 Ministerial Conference, which is among the most important events organized by the organization, and the improvement of relations with Washington. It will also face several challenges and developments in the organization, such as the effects of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The priorities of the next Director-General of the World Trade Organization will be to rebuild the trust and credibility of the organization, to reactivate its negotiating agenda that has reached a dead end, and to develop a dispute settlement system.

The importance of running

On July 7, the Kingdom announced the nomination of the adviser Al-Tuwaijri to take over the position of Director General of the World Trade Organization.

In its memo to the organization, the Saudi mission to the World Trade Organization emphasized the Kingdom’s great belief in the multilateral trading system and the vital role of the World Trade Organization in this system, stressing the importance of a strong system that enhances openness based on the rules of the multilateral trading system.

She also stressed her awareness of the importance of the pivotal role played by the organization in formulating and enforcing the rules of international trade, and in caring and developing the international economy and trade.

The Kingdom’s candidate for the position of Director-General of the World Trade Organization has a proven record of practical experience and experience. He obtained a master’s degree with honors in Business Administration from King Saud University in the year 1998, and held many leadership positions that qualified him to run for the position efficiently and competently.

Most prominent positions

Among the most prominent responsibilities that Al-Tuwaijri assumed was the position of Minister of Economy and Planning in addition to his membership in the Council of Ministers and the Economic and Development Affairs Council from 2017 to 2020, and his assumption of the position of Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning, and the Secretary-General of the Finance Committee at the Royal Court from 2016 to 2017, in addition to assuming the position of Deputy Chairman of the Council Managing the National Development Fund, chairing the National Transformation Program, and establishing strategic partnerships in several countries.

Al-Tuwaijri previously held the position of Chairman of the General Authority for Statistics, as well as chaired the Board of Directors of the National Privatization Center in addition to his membership in the Board of Directors of Aramco and the Public Investment Fund, and assuming the position of CEO and Vice President at the HSBC Bank for the Middle East and North Africa 2014 to 2016, the regional head of banking services at HSBC in the MENA region from 2010 to 2014, and the CEO of JP Morgan in the Kingdom from 2007 to 2010.

It is worth noting that the list of competing candidates for the position of Director General of the World Trade Organization also includes another Arab candidate, the Egyptian candidate Abdel Hamid Mamdouh, who is an old trade negotiator and lawyer based in Geneva, alongside the British candidate Liam Fox, the former Minister of International Trade in support of “Brexit” Currently a member of the British Parliament, Mexican candidate Jesus Sid, who helped negotiate a new trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is a senior commercial official in the Mexican government.

The list also includes Nigerias Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former finance minister in Nigeria, with 25 years experience at the World Bank, and currently serves as the chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the Moldovan candidate and former Foreign Minister Theodore Ulyanovsky, and South Korean candidate Yu Myung-hee, who She is currently the Minister of Trade in her country, as well as the Kenya candidate, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Minister of Sports and Culture Amina Mohamed.

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