The Turkish dead will remain in Libya forever


Brigadier Khaled Al Mahjoub, Director of the Moral Guidance Department in the Libyan Army, after the statements of the Turkish Defense Minister, Khulousi Akar, that Turkey will remain forever in Libya, adding: “Everyone who dies in the face of the Libyan army in Libya from the Turks will remain there forever.” Mahjoub said during a telephone conversation with the journalist Mohamed El-Baz, the presenter of the “Late Day” program broadcast on the “An-Nahar” satellite channel, that the first response to the statements of the Turkish Minister of Defense is that staying in Turkey forever will be for those who die from the Turks in Libya.

He added: “Erdogan will restore his accounts in Libya after the destruction of his defense system at the Al-Wattayah base,” noting that the Libyan people will not allow the Brotherhood to return to the region.
Al-Mahjoub emphasized that targeting Al-Wattia base succeeded in achieving the goals by 90%.

Confirmed Khaled Al Mahjoub That the strike caused painful losses to the Turkish elements and caused the death of 12 elements, including “a senior commander.”

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