The unknown soldier … “Elmon Brown Strauger” Al-Hanouti is the creator of the first telephone exchange


The “Brown Brown Stroger” is the owner of the first patent automatic telephone exchange and the first disk phone in 1891, where on November 3 1892, he opened the first automatic phone central, using a switching device he invented, which was serving 75 users.

Central innovation:

Almon Brown Straugger managed on November 3, 1892, the first automated central telephone opened, and it was opened for public use in La Porte, Indiana, with about 75 users, but this early system did not use a disk to enter the desired number, but instead used three keys, one for each field of Three-digit numbers.

The user had to hit each button a number of times that corresponded to the value of the number in that box. The first disk phone with raised fans instead of holes was used in the Milwaukee City Hall “1896”.

How to create the central

“Stroger” was working as a storekeeper in a small city, and there was another competitor in the city, but the other shop wife was working in the “city divider”, the place responsible for transferring phone calls at that time, and she was transferring all calls to Stroger to her husband, and to bypass This problem had to be received in the exchanges with devices that perform the connection process automatically, so Struger invented the automatic exchanges, which allowed people to make contact without the need for human intervention.

Collars Box Key

Stroeger began work on making a switch using electromagnets and pins implanted on the ends of an empty box that once contained shirt collars, and by 1891, he designed a switch-capable function, protected it with a registered patent, and then installed the first automated switch in Laborte, USA The following year.

The Stroger phone was working on a key press system. In order to dial the number 215, you had to press the first key twice, then the second key once, and the third key five times, and each press moved a key in the switch, so that the call was connected.


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