The wife of the late Ezzat Abu Auf commemorates his first death: he is gone, and he will leave us only a fragrance past


Amira Abu Auf made a wife The late artist Ezzat Abu Ouf, To commemorate his first death, with some influential words that she posted on her personal account on Facebook.

The wife of the late artist said in her post: “He passed away and left us with only the past of an unforgettable fragrance, a voice we wish, a bosom that we miss, great love, silent pictures, longing that does not cool, pain that does not end, tomorrow the first year he passed without your presence is very difficult, please read Al-Fatiha and supplication For him, as much as you love him, I will love you in my heart and mind forever. “

Princess Abu Auf
Princess Abu Auf

Soon, Amira Abu Auf received many comments from her friends and followers by praying for the late artist who left our world on July 1, 2019, at the age of 70, after suffering from illness in a hospital in Mohandessin.

In the nineties, Izzat Abu Auf went to acting, and his beginning with the director Khairi Bechara was through an ice cream movie in Glim, and since that time he continued in the field of acting to participate in starring dozens of films and TV series, and one of his most important films is “Traffic Sign, Bakhit and Adela, a hot night.” The secrets of the girls, the birds of darkness, the laugh, the picture looked sweet, the girls of downtown. As for the series, his most famous roles were in the series “Zizinia, Hoanmen Garden City, Oprah Aida, Aunt Nour, Abbas Al Abyad on the Black Day”, and his last appearance was Last Ramadan in one of the TV commercials.


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