The World Health Organization is amending its guidelines on coronavirus and its transmission


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The World Health Organization (WHO) published new guidelines on Thursday, saying it does not rule out the possibility of coronavirus transmission through indoor air particles, including in gyms and restaurants.

According to CNBC, the new evidence for it in some research indicates that the virus may be able to spread through fine particles in the air inside “closed crowded places”, referring to gyms and restaurants in particular.

The new guidelines say: “The short-range transmission of aerosols cannot be excluded, especially in certain enclosed spaces, such as crowded and poorly ventilated places over a prolonged period of the presence of infected persons.”

The World Health Organization said that while early evidence suggests that infection can pass through the air in such environments, diffusion by droplets and surfaces can also explain transmission in these cases.

The organization added that more research is needed to further investigate preliminary results, confirming that the main method of transmission is still believed to be through scattered droplets from the respiratory system.

On Tuesday, the organization confirmed, for the first time, that there was “preliminary evidence” indicating the ability of the emerging corona virus to be transported by air, after a group of scientists urged it to update its guidance on how the virus that causes the “Covid 19” disease that affects the respiratory system.

“We acknowledge that there is emerging evidence in this field, so we believe that we should be open to this evidence and understand its implications,” said the organization’s expert, Benedetta Allegranzi.

And a group of scientists issued a warning, which they described as a “dangerous transformation” that occurred in the way the newly transmitted corona virus, which causes Covid 19, is transmitted.

Hundreds of scientists pointed out, according to the Times News Now, that the possibility of the emergence of the new corona virus was monitored by air, not just by droplets.

The scientists demanded that the WHO review its recommendations, because this development could affect more people.

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