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The world's largest cat dies at the age of 31 ...

Source: Fathi Khallaf – Toss News

The world’s largest cat died at the age of 31 (equivalent to 150 human years), as the “Rabel” cat belonged to the “Maine Conn” family, a breed of long-haired domestic cat.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that Michelle Heritage, 52, got her cat “Rabel” as a gift on her twentieth birthday, and since that time did not leave him until the moment of death.

“Unfortunately he died before he was 32,” said Michelle, who had no children, and was pampering him just as if she had been her child. With him for a long time. ”


The newspaper pointed out that Ripple had surpassed the title of his Siamese cat “scooter”, who was living in Mansfield, state Texas, Who was chosen as a record-breaking record at the age of thirty by the Guinness Book of Records before his death in 2016.

The newspaper added, The largest cat ever according to the international encyclopedia is Creme Puff, who was born on August 3, 1967, and lived until August 6, 2005, and died at the age of 38 years and three days.


“We have never tried to walk the Guinness Book of Records, I didn’t want to do that given his age, it didn’t matter to us,” Michelle said.

“He got old very quickly and walked towards the end. I told my husband at Christmas that I think this time will be the last time we spent with Rabel, he had started to stop eating, he was only drinking water.”


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