They narrated the position of his collection with him .. Chitos: Yusef al-Sharif is respected and good-tempered, and is not a coincidence



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Wael Riad Chitos, Al-Ahly and the former Egypt national team, and the assistant coach in the current Olympic team, recounted the position he combined with Artist Youssef El-SharifThrough him, he affirmed that he is a respected artist and a man of time, not by chance, indicating that his opinion must be respected even if he is not convinced of him.


Chitose, through his Facebook account, published a picture that I collected with the sheriff, followed by a comment: “By God, there was a time and I lived in Nasr City. I had a strong friendship with Youssef Al-Sharif. The important thing was that we were going through the same time and once, and we were going through the ears of the ears at the ear. The exercise, and he said, may we pray, I told him, son, what I do not know, and when we conclude an exercise, it will remain in a great time, preferable to Morocco, meaning there are no problems. “

Chitose continued: “The important thing is he said (there is no good in a work that distracts from prayer), and indeed our soul is praying and from its hour and the topic is not from my brain, why do I say that now, because I want to say that Youssef Al-Sharif is respected and is a good man from a time or not and is not a coincidence, his opinion is necessary It is respected even if you are not convinced of it, success, Joseph, and continue. “

Chitose and Joseph Sharif
Chitose and Joseph Sharif

And the artist, Youssef Al-Sharif, had said during the evening program dmc: “Ten years ago I put these restrictions in my work and stipulated non-contact. Initially, the agreement was verbal, but that subjected me to some objections during filming, which prompted me to make this agreement written in the work contract, and I took this principle after the movie (it is chaos), And I remember that one of the great directors had shown on a movie and after reading it, I objected to the hot scenes in the movie, so the director and one of the critics responded (what does the working people do), and I actually thought about retiring, but with the grace of God I was able to present many works with this principle.


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