They want Libya without an army or police .. Al-Mismari is talking about an attempt to blockade Egypt


Warn the brigade Ahmed Al-MismariThe Libyan National Army spokesperson, the international community of the seriousness of the situation in LibyaEspecially if extremist terrorists managed the country, demanding that Europe “erect dirt bands” if that happened.

Al-Mesmary added, in statements to the Russian “Sputnik” agency, that the Libyan parliament always demands the international community to listen to the reality of things in Libya, and judge by what they reach from the results, stressing the importance of adhering to the arms embargo.

Al-Mesmari continued: “The international community is divided, there are spectators, and there are those who want Libya without an army and without a police in order to besiege Egypt, and there are those who want to monopolize the export of arms to Libya, as a market.”

The Libyan army spokesman added that the international community continues to implement the decision to ban armaments on the Libyan army strictly, and continues in all air bases and all Libyan airspace, explaining that they are continuing to arm with the Libyan Arab forces.

In a message to the Europeans, Al-Mesmari said: “I want to say to the entire international community: If you enable extremist terrorists from Libya, you should start creating dirt berms, whether in Europe, or in the neighboring countries, because this terrorism will expand and will reach these countries with ease after that.” “.

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